John Bolton, National Security Advisor

Imagine a president seriously batshit, barely keeping it together.

Now imagine that president taking national security advice from someone who helped sucker us into Iraq, one of the worst unforced errors in our history.

Donald Trump was close to his first national security advisor until he pled guilty to undermining U.S. sovereignty. He fired his second advisor, a three-star general with an impeccable record, for giving recommendations that made sense.

Now the president’s got a new guy who gets off on the idea of wars except for the war he refused to serve in. “I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy.” he said.

John Bolton is best known for being hysterical, for talking down to people with superior military experience and for posing as a warrior defending our way of life on Fox News.

Bolton probably won’t last long at the NSA. For now we can take comfort from the fact that he will finally be punished for what he did to the American and Iraqi people.

Working for Donald Trump is its own special kind of hell.


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