Billboard — Crime Scene

George Orwell is alive and well.During his campaign, Donald Trump accused Spanish-speaking immigrants of being more likely to commit rape and murder than other Americans — exactly the opposite is true.

When he lost the popular election, he accused millions of illegal aliens of voting unlawfully — that did not happen.

He was using fear and hatred to criminalize a entire group of people.

We’ve don’t usually hold politicians accountable for what they say in the heat of a campaign. But in an extraordinary move, the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals has taken the president’s remarks about religion at face value, citing them as proof that his travel ban is unconstitutional.

By a margin of 10 to 3, they found the president’s remarks too dangerous to be ignored.

Editor’s Update

— The ‘Poster Boys’ are up to their usual mischief, hacking and hijacking billboards. When you least expect it, there they are. Read more…


O’Rielly and Trump

It was only a few years ago when the House of Representatives impeached a president for lying about sexual improprieties. He was acquitted in the Senate.

Multiple sexual-abuse lawsuits against Donald Trump will almost certainly go forward. Sitting presidents are not exempt from the Seventh Amendment. Testifying under oath could prove dangerous for the man who is credited with creating the alternative-facts movement in our country.


Article II, Section 4

Saturday, March 4, 2117; 5:35 am (EST)

The president of the United States entered impeachment territory (he’s innocent until he’s guilty of course).The dude actually believes things he sees on Fox News.

Donald Trump singled out and accused an American citizen of a felony punishable by imprisonment — without evidence or due process. Mr. Trump tweeted:

‘Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower….’

After he claimed the British government was his source of information —a charge our closest ally immediately denied — he blamed a talking head on TV. He plunged his Justice Department and Congress into turmoil.

The impeachment section of Article II calls for the removal of presidents guilty of treason, bribery and constitutional sucker punches. The Founders feared and despised nothing more than kings who abused their power to target and destroy.


From Russia With Love

Those damned poster boys strike again.

To be fair to Donald Trump it’s too early to know if the FBI and the House Intelligence hearings into Russian interference in our elections will lead to the president himself. But there’s smoke pouring out of White House windows:

Q. Did the Trump campaign participate in Putin’s plot?

Q. What powers does The Vlad exercise over Mr. Trump?

Q. Why do so many Trump guys have Russian connections and why do they give false testimony under oath?

It took  years for Watergate to force Nixon out of office. We’re only at month eight of this thing.

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Trump, Putin’s puppet

Vladimir Putin doesn’t come cheap.

If he helps you get elected it’s because he wants you to lift sanctions and turn a blind eye to aggression against Ukraine.

He’ll expect you go on TV with Bill O’Reilly and say that being a killer doesn’t make him a bad guy. (He loved it when you declared our country is murderous in the same way he is.)

If Vladimir Putin helps you get elected, he’ll demand compound interest. And this is one debt you won’t wiggle out of by going bankrupt.

Donald Trump insists that he didn’t have contact with Vladimir Putin. But U.S. intelligence has conclusive evidence of extensive contact between key players in his campaign and Russian intelligence. Trump tax returns could clear things up.

American children are taught a morality tale about a puppet who becomes human after he learns to tell the truth.

Now we seem to be watching that story play out in reserve — but this time the human being turns into a puppet.


Trump, Ivanka and Nordstrom

It is an
unmistakable warning aimed directly at the private sector.
When Nordstrom dropped the Ivanka brand, Donald Trump took to Twitter.

“Terrible,” he tweeted, complaining that his daughter was being treated unfairly. His press secretary called it a “direct attack on his policies.” The president was issuing an unmistakable warning to the private sector that Trump business interests are to be given special treatment, or he will attack.

Nordstrom stock took an immediate hit. The retailer explained its decision was based solely on sales performance. Data doesn’t lie.

The presidency is trusted with unequaled powers. Demanding unfair advantage to enterprises owned by relatives and strong-arming competitors isn’t among them. The mere threat of an IRS audit can cost shareholders millions of dollars.

The Constitution lists bribery as an impeachable offense. Extortion is nothing but bribery combed across the forehead in the opposite direction.


Trump vs the Courts

We have a history of presidents and legislators getting things wrong.

They have been known to deny the freedoms of speech and assembly, the right to equal protection of the law and the ability to bring suit against powerful interests. They continue to suppress the vote.

Our federal courts were created to safeguard against those abuses. They are the conscience that helps us see our errors and mend our ways.

A president who is contemptuous of that judicial responsibility, who spends nights questioning the honesty of federal judges who find against him, trying to undermine confidence that they are fit to hold office, that president weakens our freedoms.

Our Founding Fathers knew there would be bad actors among us so they set up the Judicial Branch in a way that would make it immune to tweets. Federal judges, you see, are appointed for life. [Article III]