John Bolton, National Security Advisor

Imagine a president seriously batshit, barely keeping it together.

Now imagine that president taking national security advice from someone who helped sucker us into Iraq, one of the worst unforced errors in our history.

Donald Trump was close to his first national security advisor until he pled guilty to undermining U.S. sovereignty. He fired his second advisor, a three-star general with an impeccable record, for giving recommendations that made sense.

Now the president’s got a new guy who gets off on the idea of wars except for the war he refused to serve in. “I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy.” he said.

John Bolton is best known for being hysterical, for talking down to people with superior military experience and for posing as a warrior defending our way of life on Fox News.

Bolton probably won’t last long at the NSA. For now we can take comfort from the fact that he will finally be punished for what he did to the American and Iraqi people.

Working for Donald Trump is its own special kind of hell.


Ministers In Bed With Trump

Although I preach family values, I’ve climbed into bed with a married man who pays hush money to a pornstar.

Although I shame teenage girls for how they dress I’m okay when Donald Trump parades them half-naked at his beauty pageant.

I condemn card playing but I’ve sucked up to a man who owned gambling casinos.

I rain hellfire and brimstone on prevaricators but I swallow the president’s lies.

I quote Matthew 7:12 but allow Donald Trump to mock the afflicted and the homeless.

When Donald Trump starts in with his race-baiting, I roll over and pretend to be asleep. I let him have his way with me.


Assault Weapons

Our children are murdered at a rate early Americans couldn’t have imagined.Our Constitution holds that Domestic Tranquility, Common Defense and The General Welfare are non-negotiable goals.

A docile, limp-dick surrender to unregulated gun violence isn’t mentioned.

A school shooter with AR-15 technology can fire more rounds in a minute than a colonial minuteman could muster in a hour.

The Founders trusted us with the power to change outdated laws that threaten our lives and those of our children — we’ve amended our Constitution twenty-seven times.

They prayed we would inherit their Yankee ingenuity, and that we’d show the gumption a free republic needs to survive. Unfortunately those virtues seem to have skipped a generation or two.

Our children will do better.


Hush Money for porn stars

Donald Trump allegedly paid porn star Stormy Daniels the sum of $130,000 before the presidential election to keep her mouth shut. The Wall Street Journal broke the story.

Paying hush money is nothing new. It’s alleged that Trump wives, students screwed over by Trump University and plaintiffs in various lawsuits have been paid handsomely to shut up.

Who else is on the mute list? If Stormy is worth a king’s ransom in hush money, how much more in unmarked bills are his Russian connections demanding?


Tax Cuts Billboard

The tax cuts just passed for middle-income wage earners are temporary. They’ll be phased out in a matter of years. It’s the old teaser-rate come-on.

Meanwhile cuts for multinational corporations, financial entities and real estate developers like Donald Trump will be permanent.

A couple can now inherit a fortune of almost $22 million without paying a penny in taxes. But a kid working to save for college is nailed on the first dollar earned.

More money in fewer plans. They planned it that way.


Happy Holidays, Mr. Trump

…the ‘poster boys’ strike again.

Dear Mr. President,

No offense sir, but your campaign to get people to say ‘Merry Christmas’ is doing more harm than good.

What with your divorces, your grab-ass games with women, your scams and insults to one and all, you’re the wrong kind of guy to put Christ back in Christmas.

Neo-Nazis don’t wish people ‘Happy Chanukah’ and members of the KKK don’t say ‘Happy Kwanzaa’ at the mall.

It’s like that with you and Christmas, Mr. President. You really should stick with ‘Happy Holidays.’


Donald Trump Jr. and Elephants

…the ‘poster boys’ strike again

A horse’s ass with an elephant’s tail.The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under Donald Trump recently suggested the way to prevent the slaughter of African elephants would be to allow wealthy Americans to do exactly that — to slaughter African elephants.

Americans would pay fees for the privilege of hunting, butchering and bringing home body parts of the endangered species. USFWS says the proceeds would be used to stop terrorists from trafficking in the same animals.

A final decision has not yet been made. But if the goal is the survival of the African elephant, it’s hard to see how a round fired by a vacationing trophy hunter is less lethal and less final than any other.


First The Media. Then The Guns.

The president may decide the Second Amendment is just so much political correctness

[Note to self: File this post in the “C’mon, No-Fucking-Way-But-Who-Knows?” folder]

If you’re worried about the right to ‘keep and bear arms’ secured by the Second Amendment, keep an eye on the amendment that comes before it.

Donald Trump has boasted of admiring dictators who imprison journalists for exercising the Freedom of the Press — namely Putin, Assad and Kim.

As president, he has threatened the broadcast license of NBC because he doesn’t like its reporting. He’s branded the mainstream media as ‘the enemy of the American people.’

His campaign for the next election has started. What happens if candidate Trump loses both the popular and the Electoral College vote in 2020 and repeats his 2016 lie that he lost because of millions of illegal voters?

He may try to overturn the election and prosecute journalists. He may decide the Second Amendment is just so much political correctness and that only ‘patriots’ loyal to him can be allowed to bear arms.


Patriotism, Protests and the Flag

POTUS at his
most ignorant.
When President Trump condemns peaceful protests during the National Anthem as disrespectful to our men and women in uniform, he is at his most ignorant (and most dangerous).

It’s not Old Glory or the Pledge of Allegiance or fireworks on the Fourth of July that members of the Armed Forces take an oath to defend.

They solemnly swear to defend the Constitution itself.

They are sworn to risk their lives so that all Americans — NFL players, owners, coaches and trainers; and members of the Armed Forces themselves — can petition for equal protection under the law.

Maybe this president can be forgiven for not appreciating the fundamental mission of our Armed Forces. Thanks to his deferments, he never got close enough to the military to hear its oath being administered.

U.S. Armed Forces Oath Of Enlistment:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) Read more…