Trump and Police Conduct

When Donald Trump urged
police officers not to protect the people they take into custody, he was just joking.

At least that’s what his press secretary said.

He was just funnin’ when he suggested police officers shouldn’t help suspects after they cuff their hands behind their backs. If prisoners slice their heads open while being loaded into police vans, he chuckled, well they probably deserve it.

Police forces around the country weren’t laughing. They immediately condemned Trump’s remarks. (The Boy Scouts of America was forced to apologize for his comments just a week earlier.)

The president’s speech didn’t do our men and women in blue any favors. His words feed the mistrust that puts them and the public at greater risk. A law enforcement community that honors its oath to serve and protect is one or our nation’s greatest strengths.

If articles of impeachment are one day drawn up against Donald Trump, his use of police brutality as a punch line should be one of them.

Pranksters Update

— The ‘poster boys’ took a break from summer vacation to hijack billboards across the country. Read more…


Billboard, Born in Kenya

Kenya was the birthplace of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. It was at the center of Trump’s claims that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. and was not legitimate in office.

As a candidate-to-be, he was looking for ways to exploit the rage and disbelief created by the election of an African-American president. He found an audience.

He took to Twitter 67 times and used hundreds of hours of free media exposure to flog his ‘Birther’ calumnies.

Taking a page from the KKK, he dragged a black man out of his home (in this case the White House) to humiliate him in front of the town folk. He mocked the human rights progress we’ve struggled to achieve.

Abraham Lincoln said the Civil War was God’s punishment for the wealth earned through slavery and that the blood shed by those in bondage would be repaid by those on the battlefield. “The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.” he added, quoting Psalm 19:9.

It’s possible our nation will be punished for allowing a race baiter into the Oval Office.

If Lincoln’s God is merciful He’ll decide that a Trump presidency is punishment enough — and that when he leaves office, our sentence will be commuted to time already served.


Billboard — Crime Scene

George Orwell is alive and well.During his campaign, Donald Trump accused Spanish-speaking immigrants of being more likely to commit rape and murder than other Americans — exactly the opposite is true.

When he lost the popular election, he accused millions of illegal aliens of voting unlawfully — that did not happen.

He was using fear and hatred to criminalize a entire group of people.

We’ve don’t usually hold politicians accountable for what they say in the heat of a campaign. But in an extraordinary move, the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals has taken the president’s remarks about religion at face value, citing them as proof that his travel ban is unconstitutional.

By a margin of 10 to 3, they found the president’s remarks too dangerous to be ignored.

Editor’s Update

— The ‘Poster Boys’ are up to their usual mischief, hacking and hijacking billboards. When you least expect it, there they are. Read more…


O’Rielly and Trump

It was only a few years ago when the House of Representatives impeached a president for lying about sexual improprieties. He was acquitted in the Senate.

Multiple sexual-abuse lawsuits against Donald Trump will almost certainly go forward. Sitting presidents are not exempt from the Seventh Amendment. Testifying under oath could prove dangerous for the man who is credited with creating the alternative-facts movement in our country.


Article II, Section 4

Saturday, March 4, 2117; 5:35 am (EST)

The president of the United States entered impeachment territory (he’s innocent until he’s guilty of course).The dude actually believes things he sees on Fox News.

Donald Trump singled out and accused an American citizen of a felony punishable by imprisonment — without evidence or due process. Mr. Trump tweeted:

‘Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower….’

After he claimed the British government was his source of information —a charge our closest ally immediately denied — he blamed a talking head on TV. He plunged his Justice Department and Congress into turmoil.

The impeachment section of Article II calls for the removal of presidents guilty of treason, bribery and constitutional sucker punches. The Founders feared and despised nothing more than kings who abused their power to target and destroy.


From Russia With Love

Those damned poster boys strike again.

To be fair to Donald Trump it’s too early to know if the FBI and the House Intelligence hearings into Russian interference in our elections will lead to the president himself. But there’s smoke pouring out of White House windows:

Q. Did the Trump campaign participate in Putin’s plot?

Q. What powers does The Vlad exercise over Mr. Trump?

Q. Why do so many Trump guys have Russian connections and why do they give false testimony under oath?

It took  years for Watergate to force Nixon out of office. We’re only at month eight of this thing.

PS. Be the first to email me a jpg of this prank outdoor board with GPS embedded and win $100 — $300 awarded to date.


Trump, Putin’s puppet

Vladimir Putin doesn’t come cheap.

If he helps you get elected it’s because he wants you to lift sanctions and turn a blind eye to aggression against Ukraine.

He’ll expect you go on TV with Bill O’Reilly and say that being a killer doesn’t make him a bad guy. (He loved it when you declared our country is murderous in the same way he is.)

If Vladimir Putin helps you get elected, he’ll demand compound interest. And this is one debt you won’t wiggle out of by going bankrupt.

Donald Trump insists that he didn’t have contact with Vladimir Putin. But U.S. intelligence has conclusive evidence of extensive contact between key players in his campaign and Russian intelligence. Trump tax returns could clear things up.

American children are taught a morality tale about a puppet who becomes human after he learns to tell the truth.

Now we seem to be watching that story play out in reserve — but this time the human being turns into a puppet.