Trump, Ivanka and Nordstrom

It is an
unmistakable warning aimed directly at the private sector.
When Nordstrom dropped the Ivanka brand, Donald Trump took to Twitter.

“Terrible,” he tweeted, complaining that his daughter was being treated unfairly. His press secretary called it a “direct attack on his policies.” The president was issuing an unmistakable warning to the private sector that Trump business interests are to be given special treatment, or he will attack.

Nordstrom stock took an immediate hit. The retailer explained its decision was based solely on sales performance. Data doesn’t lie.

The presidency is trusted with unequaled powers. Demanding unfair advantage to enterprises owned by relatives and strong-arming competitors isn’t among them. The mere threat of an IRS audit can cost shareholders millions of dollars.

The Constitution lists bribery as an impeachable offense. Extortion is nothing but bribery combed across the forehead in the opposite direction.



  1. Pat Shiplett

    Donald Trump publicly humiliated 16 Republican candidates. Could one of them be behind this mischief? Feuds, divorces, bankruptcies and sealed out-of-court settlements. So many enemies.

  2. Pat Shiplett

    You won’t know when the next unauthorized post will appear near you. Have you cellphone ready. $100 for a geo-embedded jpg.

  3. Janice Tracy (Facebook)

    you mean 45…politically correct..not only him but pressure needs to be put on the Republican Party as a whole, they do not deserve to have this power if they keep abusing it and turning their heads…they all need to come off of their pedestals!

  4. Iggy Colella (Facebook)

    Congress wanted to impeach Clinton over lying about a blow job, but not a word about Trump and his picks ties to Russia and what is going on behind the scenes. Don’t investigate that Trump says what’s important is finding out who is illegally leaking the truth that must be stopped and they must pay “big time” his words. During his campaign he held up a fistful of leaked info from Wikileaks And said what a great thing that was. Even Fox News is starting to turn on Trump that’s saying something

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