Trump, Putin’s puppet

Vladimir Putin doesn’t come cheap.

If he helps you get elected it’s because he wants you to lift sanctions and turn a blind eye to aggression against Ukraine.

He’ll expect you go on TV with Bill O’Reilly and say that being a killer doesn’t make him a bad guy. (He loved it when you declared our country is murderous in the same way he is.)

If Vladimir Putin helps you get elected, he’ll demand compound interest. And this is one debt you won’t wiggle out of by going bankrupt.

Donald Trump insists that he didn’t have contact with Vladimir Putin. But U.S. intelligence has conclusive evidence of extensive contact between key players in his campaign and Russian intelligence. Trump tax returns could clear things up.

American children are taught a morality tale about a puppet who becomes human after he learns to tell the truth.

Now we seem to be watching that story play out in reserve — but this time the human being turns into a puppet.



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