Article II, Section 4

Saturday, March 4, 2117; 5:35 am (EST)

The president of the United States entered impeachment territory (he’s innocent until he’s guilty of course).The dude actually believes things he sees on Fox News.

Donald Trump singled out and accused an American citizen of a felony punishable by imprisonment — without evidence or due process. Mr. Trump tweeted:

‘Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower….’

After he claimed the British government was his source of information —a charge our closest ally immediately denied — he blamed a talking head on TV. He plunged his Justice Department and Congress into turmoil.

The impeachment section of Article II calls for the removal of presidents guilty of treason, bribery and constitutional sucker punches. The Founders feared and despised nothing more than kings who abused their power to target and destroy.


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