List of Accomplishments

I can’t do that.

Why not?

My parents wouldn’t approve.

So we call them and ask.

They’ve been dead for years.

Aunts? Uncles?

Nobody in our family goes in for that kind of thing.

You want me to give you permission?

Tell me again, exactly what I’m supposed to do.

Make a list of things you’ve learned how to do. Add the favors, even small stuff, you’ve done for people — your years with the volunteer fire department for example. How you honored your father and your mother. How you got on top of your drinking after you guys got pregnant — gold stars there. How you’re not holier than thou. Add points for every time you’ve didn’t offer advice nobody asked for. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Write everything down, memorize it backward and forward.

And I’m doing all this…why?

So that when it’s dark and too early to get out of bed and you’re beating the bejesus out of yourself, you’ll have some ammunition on your side. Maybe you’ll sleep.


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