Ministers In Bed With Trump

Although I preach family values, I’ve climbed into bed with a married man who pays hush money to a pornstar.

Although I shame teenage girls for how they dress I’m okay when Donald Trump parades them half-naked at his beauty pageant.

I condemn card playing but I’ve sucked up to a man who owned gambling casinos.

I rain hellfire and brimstone on prevaricators but I swallow the president’s lies.

I quote Matthew 7:12 but allow Donald Trump to mock the afflicted and the homeless.

When Donald Trump starts in with his race-baiting, I roll over and pretend to be asleep. I let him have his way with me.


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  1. I – loved – every – word.
    Perhaps your most potent statement yet.
    W will be posting it on her FaceBook.
    Hopefully, the truth shall set them free.

    In the meantime, I am still not active on FB—or even have figured out a glitch I have on the set-up—in which Willie’s and my identities are unintentionally intertwined.

    Greetings at home,
    Pat K

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