Laura Ingraham Fox News

This is not the sound of whining. Not long after an AR-15 was used to murder seventeen high-school students in Parkland, Florida, Fox News launched an assault of its own. On the surviving students.

Instead of bullets Laura Ingraham used smears, mockery and calumnies to belittle students demanding that their parents and their government protect them against epidemic gun violence.

The massacre of six-year-olds at Sandy Hook had gone unanswered and Parkland survivors refused to let their classmates be buried in silence. Millions of people across the nation joined them.

After Ms. Ingraham ridiculed the 4.2 grade-point average of a Parkland senior, national advertisers yanked their sponsorships to avoid being associated with her predatory behavior. She was forced to take a ‘vacation.’

Some viewers will applaud Fox’s decision to allow the host of ‘The Ingraham Angle’ back on the air. But they shouldn’t be surprised if their grandkids ask them to change the channel or at least turn down the volume.

The average Fox viewer is approaching 70 years of age, and tends to play Fox so loud it’s impossible to hear yourself think. Maybe that’s the idea.


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