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George Orwell is alive and well.During his campaign, Donald Trump accused Spanish-speaking immigrants of being more likely to commit rape and murder than other Americans — exactly the opposite is true.

When he lost the popular election, he accused millions of illegal aliens of voting unlawfully — that did not happen.

He was using fear and hatred to criminalize a entire group of people.

We’ve don’t usually hold politicians accountable for what they say in the heat of a campaign. But in an extraordinary move, the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals has taken the president’s remarks about religion at face value, citing them as proof that his travel ban is unconstitutional.

By a margin of 10 to 3, they found the president’s remarks too dangerous to be ignored.

Editor’s Update

— The ‘Poster Boys’ are up to their usual mischief, hacking and hijacking billboards. When you least expect it, there they are.

— This prank poster was spotted near what appears to be a driving range just outside a major metro area. The $100 prize was split by two high-school freshmen who were out early for track practice.

— Its exposure duration was 8:22 minutes before being detected and deleted— a new record.

— Keep your smart phone in camera mode. The message will appear again tomorrow in undisclosed locations across the country — assuming the Poster Boys are able to breach a series of firewalls.

— $100 award for the first person to email a photo with a substantiated GPS embed.


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  1. Pat:

    You say voting by illegal aliens “did not happen” during the 2016 elections to the extent alleged by President Trump.

    I’m surprised at your apparent certainty about the facts. How many illegal aliens do you think voted in 2016? On what do you base that?

    Let’s assume President Trump’s numbers are wrong. What if the Richman study cited in this article is correct, and 800,000 non-citizens voted for Hillary Clinton? ( Would that concern you?

    In any event, how do your respond to the evidence that there is a significant problem with voting by non-citizens?

    • According to this article, reputable studies estimate that about 14% of non-citizens are registered to vote and 2-4% actually vote: See

    • This New York Times article from 2010 suggests that non-citizens are innocently registering to vote and voting:

    • According to this article, voting by non-citizens is a particular problem in California:

    In any event, what are your thoughts on provisions of the Affordable Care Act that seem to exacerbate the problem? Under the Act, people who sign up for coverage are automatically registered to vote (, and according to the official Web site for the Act, certain categories of non-citizens can sign up for coverage (

    I don’t know what the truth is. Maybe Trump is nuts. But it seems odd to me that his critics dismiss him out of hand and don’t show any concern about the possibility there is a real problem with voting by illegal aliens.

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